Superior and excellent musicians – To God be the glory!


Congratulations to our high school music students who auditioned at the TAPPS regional contest yesterday.
ALL of our students earned either a 1 (superior) or a 2 (excellent) rating!

And we have 8 soloists advancing to state in March. We are very proud of all of them!

And we are very thankful for our own Miss Emily Alders for accompanying three of our students.



  1. Congratulations to all of you amazing musicians! I’m so very proud of you and excited about the advancement to the state level. May our God go with you!

    Blessings in Him,
    Barb Flournoy

  2. Konnie Williams says:

    Standing ovation!!!!! Bravo!!! Your hours of practice and dedication to perfection pay off and will always serve you well!!!! Keep it up in every aspect of your lives!!!

    Konnie Williams

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