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New NHS Inductees

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Congratulations to the sophomores inducted into the Regents Academy chapter of the National Honor Society.

Pictured below (left to right): Anabelle Terrell, Elise Landrum, Faculty Adviser Roy Bradley, Kaden Harman, Jess Hill.

“The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom, and before honor is humility” (Proverbs 15:33).


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Welcome, Mrs. Sylvia Baker

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Regents Academy is very happy to welcome Mrs. Sylvia Baker to its staff for the 2016-17 school year. Mrs. Baker will be serving as assistant teacher in the kindergarten class alongside Mrs. Duke, and she will also work several hours per week in the Regents office alongside Mrs. Gilbreath. Sylvia and her husband Jerry are the proud parents of Regents students Cate and Mason, and we are so glad to welcome her to our school’s staff.

Welcome, Mrs. Baker!


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State Champs!

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The Regents Academy TAPPS Speech and Academics Team is 1A state champion again!

The team competed at the TAPPS championship meet on Monday and Tuesday, March 23-24, in Waco. This is the third (third!) straight year the Regents team has won the state championship. We are so very, very proud of them. They are bright, talented, devoted, and they work great together as a team. The hard work that goes into their preparations is on top of their school work, music, sports, and the many other things they are involved in. Congratulations, students! Congratulations also to Nicole Alders, Shannon Henry, Kelsey Treusdell, and Ashley Bryant, who worked very hard to help the team prepare.

Pictured below:

Seniors: Michaela Hill, Kendall DeKerlegand, Alice Bryant, Jon Sowell, and Will Young

Juniors: Caleb Henry, Kyla Alders, and Aaron Bertke

Sophomores: Avery Gound, Annaleigh Andrews, Anne Elisabeth Alders, Sarah Grace Alders, and Wesley Young

Freshmen: Grace DeKerlegand, Andria Sowell, and Lindley Bryant

Not pictured: Avery Griner (who competed in Ready Writing before the meet) and Emma Terrell (who was sick and had to stay home)

To God be the glory!


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Thank You, God, for the New Playground

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What a wonderful gift the Lord has given us — a new playground for our grammar school children to enjoy. Thanks also to all our volunteers who worked in the hot sun to spread mulch.

Here you can see the project from unloading to completion. The last picture is of the smaller playground piece for the KPrep and Kindergarten students.

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A Hail and Farewell from Mrs. Bentley

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A Hail and Farewell

By MaryAnn S. Bentley

A Hail and Farewell is a social gathering all armed services use to welcome newcomers to a new assignment and extends goodbyes to those leaving for another post.  I believe this is such a warm and kind tradition to show our affection for those who share our lives.  This tradition was passed down to me over fifty years ago when I met my wonderful husband, Farrar. The civilian world has retirement parties, but is remiss when it comes to changing one’s address or job position.  I have now come to that fork in the road when it is time for me to say farewell to over twenty years of administrative duties in the field of education and say hello to a bit more free time, but not entirely leaving my chosen profession.

The month of June will bring a transition to Regents Academy.  I will remove my administrator’s hat and become the Placement Director for Regents Academy. My new position will make ready our secondary students for life beyond these halls of ivy. The Placement Directors position is new and I look forward to embracing it with all of the energy, enthusiasm and excitement that I did my first teaching job in 1976.  My plan is to create a profile for our school, to clarify and align our Classical curriculum, as well as make our students ready for their chosen professions.  Along with guiding our students, I will administer and oversee all testing, such as: PSAT, Duke TIP, achievement tests, etc., and lighten the load of the administrator. I will also be available for college counseling with students and families on an as needed basis.

The Lord speaks and Mr. Bentley and I shall heed His instructions to scale back and make more time for our family. We have ten wonderful grandchildren and five fantastic children.  We have two sons in the active Army and have watched them travel in and out of Theater for over ten years.  Next school year will bring us back on a reduced schedule and Mr. Bentley will teach Spanish as I begin in my new position.   We heartily believe in the goals and missions of  Regents Academy and I am thankful for the past four years as your administrator.  The Regents Academy board has asked me to join them in membership and I consider it an honor to become a part of this auspicious body of leaders.

Mr. David Bryant, Academic Dean, will become the Regents Academy Administrator beginning in mid June, 2010.  I pass the mantle to Mr. Bryant knowing that the Regents Academy family will be in very capable hands.  A very hearty welcome to Mr. Bryant, his wife, Ashley and their children Aaron, Alice, Lindley and Sydney.

God’s blessings, love, and grace.

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