A Christian and Classical School
Regents Academy offers much more than a reaction to the current educational decline. We present a positive program of quality education designed to train tomorrow’s thinking Christians. Instead of retreating from the world, Regents Academy equips students to face the world as competent Christian leaders, ready for any challenge. We provide every student with the tools of learning that will serve them for a lifetime.

Distinctively Christian
All educational philosophies are based on some set of religious beliefs (even government schools). Regents Academy starts with Christian assumptions about God, man and the universe and proceeds from there to understand the real world. Each subject it taught from a Christian worldview, providing a unifying principle for students that is foundational to genuine understanding.

Classical in Method
There is constant change in modern educational fads. Regents Academy prefers the proven methods of the past that have produced well-educated students. The classical method, with its biblical roots, found clear expression during the highly productive medieval period of history. This method came to be known as the trivium because it focused on three stages of learning.

The first stage of learning any subject is called grammar (knowledge). This is where students learn the basic vocabulary and facts of any particular subject. The second stage is referred to as dialectic (understanding). At this point students are taught logic skills as they learn the relationship of the various parts of a subject. The final stage of the trivium is known as rhetoric (wisdom). Here the goal of learning finds expression in the student’s ability to articulate what they have learned and how to apply their knowledge to new situations.

Classical in Content
At Regents Academy this tried and tested classical method is applied to every subject. We will offer courses in English, literature, arithmetic, science, history, geography, Bible, and fine arts. Going beyond these standard subjects, we will also provide solid training in the classical fields of Latin, logic and rhetoric. These special disciplines equip students with the academic tools and skills necessary for advanced studies.

Serving Parents
Regents Academy recognizes that God has given parents the responsibility of educating their children. The school operates in loco parentis (in the place of parents). Therefore, Regents Academy exists as an agency to assist parents in fulfilling their God-given duties. We seek to provide a warm, caring, and Christian environment where your children can receive rigorous and rewarding academic training.

Nothing More Important
As parents we all want the best for our children. There is no more important decision a parent will make than who will educate their children along with what and how they are taught. While Regents Academy is not for everyone, we believe our program offers the best Christian and academically solid education available in our area.

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A Classical and Christian School
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